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10 Best Folding Bike 2021 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This

Best Folding Bike 2021: A folding bike is a great option for people who have limited space. It has lots of perks that attract riders. No doubt these bikes have health benefits and good for the environment as well.

Are you planning a trip to another country or rural area? A folding bike works great for you can travel from place to place and explore.

Buying a folding bicycle is an important investment that’s why you cannot take it lightly. We need to go through a little research while going for some brands of folding bikes. Through this article, I am going to mention some tips to buy a folding bike.

Best Folding Bike

Best Folding Bike 2021

#01 – Eurobike 26” Full Suspension

#02 – Columba 20″ Compact Folding Bike

#03 – Outroad Mountain Bike 6 Spoke 21 Speed

#04 – ZOYO 20″ Folding Bikes

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#05 – SOLOROCK Pace 3.0 14

#06 – Dahon Speed D7 Street

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#07 – Max4out Mountain Bike Folding Bikes with High Carbon Steel Frame, Featuring 6 Spoke Wheels and 21 Speed Shimano Shifter, Double Disc Brake and Dual Suspension Anti-Slip Bicycles (Green/Orange/Black, 26 in)

#08 – Montague Paratrooper PRO Folding Mountain Bike

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#09 – EBS Folding Bike, Commuter Folding Bicycle

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#10 – Qualisports Volador Folding Electric Bike

Buying guide for Folding Bikes

Tips to buy a folding bike

  • Do you need a folding bicycle?

Of course, this is the first thing to check, make sure why do you need a folding bike. Some people think that folding bike is cheaper as compared to a normal bike, but it’s not. Keep in mind this is costly as compared to a real bicycle.

Like other consumer products, folding bicycles are designed with different features for different users.

  • How do you use a bike?

Do you use the bike for commuting or only for fun rides? If you are expecting a long-distance ride or going off-road a folding bike is not required at all. Understand how you use the bicycle and help to know which model suits your requirement.

  • Consider the size of the frame

What is the frame size of the bike? Keep in mind these bikes come in a single size. It is quite low, like a child’s bike but it is adjustable for the taller people as well. There is not much to check in the frame size, only you need to see the seat and handlebars whether they are suitable to your height or not.

  • Folding technique

Method of folding depends on your choice. There are three types of folding bikes in the market one is half fold, triangle fold and break away. You can easily half fold a bike but it’s not sturdy. The bikes with a triangle fold are sturdy and can be easily folded but riding them is hard. Last one breakaway fold are the easiest to fold as they can be folded into a compact size. But the only downside of a breakaway folding bike is harder to reassemble.

  • Size of the wheel

Wheel size is important as it affects your overall ride. The small wheels are easy to steer, but bigger wheels are smoother. When you fold the bike the size of the wheel has a great role in this. In case you need a small compact just like kids bike you have to go for smaller wheels. If you want a mountain bike then you go for bigger wheels.

  • Suspension

The mechanism refers to add more weight to a bike. The bikes with bigger wheels intended to have smoother as compared to smaller wheels. The suspension mechanism helps counter the friction of smaller wheels. It adds pressure and weight to the bike. Do you want to stick with a small bike select that which is having suspension mechanism?

  • Take a test ride

Without taking a test ride you cannot experience the particular performance of a bike. Take a ride on different folding bikes to select the one. It helps you to get the best terrain you can plan to use the bike. Suppose you want to buy a bike for a rural area you need to test your ride on dirt or gravel road.

  • Weight of the bike

The weight of the frame makes a great difference in the performance of your bike. The weight of your bike does not affect when it comes to touring performance. Go for the lightest frame of the bike if you are carrying your folding bike around a lot.

  • Make practice for folding and unfolding

Select a bike and learn the folding mechanism which takes some time. If it is too complicated to fold try similar bikes in a different brand. Go for the brands that offer ease foldability feature.

  • Storage space you need to store

Measure the space required to store the bike. Check the bike can be carried in an aeroplane and public transport as well. Determine whether that particular bike will fit into the space available also measure the thickness of the cover you are going to use for that.

  • Transport accessories

Different brands offer various accessories to protect the bike during transport. For example, tripods that allow the bike to stand upright, protectors to prevent from scratches etc. Go for the cover and rubber stoppers to prevent your bike from scratches. Some accessories are mandatory when you visit some countries. So read the website of that particular country you are planning to take your folding bike.

  • Inspect your comfortable riding position

In case you are not able to find a bike of the right frame size, you can adjust the bar ends/ use a different seat. It will help you to get a good riding position, especially for long rides. A bicycle repair person will help you to find the perfect seat for you. To ensure the best fit you may have to experiment with different positions.

  • Find the perfect tyres

The quality of tyres depends on where you will ride your bike. Extra puncture protection tyres are important no matter which bike you are riding. Folding bikes offer a limited variety of tyres. That’s why tyres become the most important feature while selecting a folding bike.

  • Future upgrades

A folding bike is compatible with standard full-size bike components. For instance, take the case of tyres; you will get limited variety for small wheels. Some folding bikes are not compatible with parts of full-sized bicycles. Make sure that you can change some parts of the cycle over the years.

  • Warranty

Check the warranty options before buying a bike. Once you have selected a model you need to shop around to know the best value which provides after-sale services.

I hope the above guide will help you to understand the fascinating world of folding bikes. You can also check the reviews of a different brand of folding bikes to know more.

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